Commit Your Project On Github Using Termux And Android

To commit your project to GitHub using Termux on Android, follow these steps

Steps on how to commit or push project to github using android and termux

1. Install Termux.

2. Install Git in Termux (pkg install git).

3. Configure Git username and email.

4. Navigate to the project directory (cd ~/myproject).

5. Initialize a Git repository (git init).

6. Stage changes (git add .).

7. Commit changes (git commit -m “Your commit message here”).

8. Create a GitHub repository.

9. Set remote repository URL (git remote add origin<username>/<repository>.git).

10. Push to GitHub (git push -u origin main).

step1. Install Termux: If you haven’t already, install the Termux app from here how to install termux .

step 2. Set up Git

Open Termux and run the following command to install Git

if it’s not already installed: pkg install git


Configure Git: -Set your Git username and email by running these commands

(replace “Your Name” and “[email protected]” with your actual information):

git config –global “Your Name”

git config –global “[email protected]


Navigate to your project directory:- Use the `cd` command to change to the directory where your project is located.

For example: cd ~/myproject


Initialize a Git repository: – If your project is not yet a Git repository, initialize one by running: git init

step 6.

Stage your changes: – Add the files you want to commit to the staging area using the `git add` command.

For example, to stage all files, you can use: git add .


Commit your changes: – Commit the staged changes with a meaningful commit message: git commit -m “Your commit message here”

step 8.

Create a GitHub repository: If you haven’t already, create a new repository on GitHub’s website.


Set the remote repository URL: – Add the remote URL of your GitHub repository as follows (replace <username> with your GitHub username and <repository> with the repository name):

git remote add origin<username>/<repository>.git


Push your code to GitHub:- Push your local repository to GitHub using the following command: git push -u origin main

This command assumes you’re pushing to the “main” branch. If your branch has a different name, replace “main” with the appropriate branch name.

Step 11.

Authenticate with GitHub: If prompted, enter your GitHub username and password/token to authenticate the push.

Remember password is not really your password but the password set under developer settings or token which is used for pushing and authentication

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