How to solve vs code not opening in Kali Linux android

If you haven’t installed nethunter you can do so by following this tuttorial.

How to install kali linux on android without root

How to Starting VSCode on Nethunter kali linux

Steps in solving Vs code error or not starting in Nethunter

step one : Start vs code after vs code installation

Start vs Code in it can’t start then follow step 2

step 2 : Navigate to your terminal then run cd /usr/share/applicationsLocate code.desktop

open it with nano code.desktop

add –no–sandbox to the path like in picture below

Upgrade and update

sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y

Start vs code by typing code on the menu or type code . on the terminal

If you are on Nethunter your Vs Code won’t start so to solve this problem you are going to add the extension you added while installing chrome that’s –no-sandbox

On nethunter Vs Code will not start so to fix this navigate to your terminal then run this code.

cd /usr/share/applications then if you check very well you will see many apps installed then locate code.desktop

We are going to change the launching of this app on desktop, run this command to modify code.desktop

you can view your path by running ls to see what is in your path After locating code.desktop then use nano to open it with nano,

nano code.desktop then add –no-sandbox like in the picture below then use Ctrl+o to write out then use ctrl+x to exit then upgrade your system

VSCode usually notifies you if an update is available while using the app, but since we installed it in a way that also installed the apt repository, we can simply update VSCode by using apt.

Step 4 – Update VSCode on Kali Linux | vs code error

sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y

That is it , after upgrading you would be able to start your vs code by running the code . on command line or by location the app and clicking on it.

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